ARDUIN: Chronicles of the Grey Company

Religion vs. the Goodness of Law

“Ra is part of the Myriad” The words echo in my mind as I try to understand the logic and order of it. The evil of the world, er, “worlds”, has manifested in sentient beings, of the man-like variation, with solid black, glossy eyes. Set’s minions. The Cult of the Black Flame. Evil.

Thus, the sword’s declaration of Ra being part of the Myriad as much as the already identified evils of the world logically does not follow based on the known information of Ra. Ra has illuminated paths and helped us in a number of tangible ways. However, what of the unknown? The unknown can only be inferred and speculated. If Ra is somehow evil, then the unknown would necessarily have to be hidden motives with an end result that is similar to the known outcomes of the other identified evils of the Myriad. Then, if true, I am undermining the very foundation of what defines me. Whatever Ra turns out to be, the goal of goodness and law will override the tenants of religion. I believe in Ra, and will continue to do so unless some corroborating evidence indicating He is not worthy of our beliefs.

Then, what is the sword’s motives, or perhaps put more accurately, what were the motives of the sword’s creator? The sword wants “balance”. As evidence, the sword incapacitated me because my existence created an imbalance, presumably unbalancing the equation of law to chaos and, perhaps, good to evil. The sword in and of itself does not represent evil. The action of reviving me once it learned of the Myriad’s strength seems to imply that the other part of the equation, represented by me, was needed to correct the balance.

Given that motivation, is it possible that, for the sword, the Myriad actually represents elements of good/evil and law/chaos that unbalance the equation, but not necessarily that the Myriad’s component parts are all evil or chaotic. If this hypothesis is true, then the sword will want to incapacitate me again as evil elements of the Myriad are defeated.

A balanced equation, however, is not a desirous end. Goodness does not equal Evil, and Law does not equal Chaos. Each would have to be equal for the balanced equation to make sense:

  • Good = Evil
  • Law = Chaos
    These ends are not equal, and thus the effort to create “balance” is inherently flawed. The Goodness of Law will and must triumph for the betterment of the whole. Our effort is not about the betterment of the individual, but the collective. My community.

Thus, the sword will need to be buried in a swamp to be lost in time, or, better yet, dropped into a volcano and destroyed forever. Otherwise, it’s attempt to “balance” the “equation” threatens the collective and the good of all.

Jeffrey slides his Ring of Righteous Resistance onto his carapaced finger alongside his Ring of Protection.


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