ARDUIN: Chronicles of the Grey Company

Don't Blink

Once again, she sat Lotus position, a hand wrapped around the warmth of her locket. Typically, she would close her eyes and meditate, let the world go and free her mind for a bit. Not this evening, she couldn’t bring herself to close her eyes tonight. Her thoughts returned once again to the museum, an odd structure in that hell known as New York. It held old things in glass cases, and people paid money to come stare at them. They’d been looking for some clue to a way back home. Immi, had not been much help in that search. Her mind distracted by the children, roaming everywhere. She’d listened quietly to their chatter, the conversation of a little boy and an old man, catching her attention. The little boy had a thousand questions. “What’s that, where’s that from, when did people use those…why don’t we use them anymore? Why do they look so old? The world sure has changed a lot Grandpa.” The old man answered each question with patience, then bent down and patted the boy on the head. “Everything changes little one, don’t blink, before you know it, you’ll change too.”

Everything was changing, just like the old man said, in the blink of an eye. She blinked, her memories were gone. She blinked, her friends were dead. She blinked, and there was a future with uncontrollable magic, a past with none. A friend turned foe. She blinked, she carried the child of her rapist. She blinked, and her desire to terminate that life was replaced with love. Yes, everything changed in a blink.

One moment they were trapped in that time so drastically different from their own, with no idea how to get back. The next, there was Salax with the staff and then poof, they were home. She still didn’t understand how he’d found it, his answer evasive at best. It was mildly unsettling, but not as unsettling as New York and she wasn’t about to question it there, then. Best they get back and see what changes they had wrought. Best they get back and attempt to separate Kalain from that sword. She liked him better when he acted with his mind. A sword with its own purpose was rarely good for anyone in her limited experience. Who knew if what it said regarding Ra and the Myriad was true. Who knew if it wasn’t simply trying to bring about its own change…balance, as it said. Immi didn’t wholly trust Ra, even if he had restored her life on multiple occasions. She certainly didn’t trust that sword either. In her, once again limited experience, everyone had their own motives for what they did. What were Ra’s motives? What were the Myriad’s? What were the sword’s? Did they align? Were they good? Evil? Was there even a difference or was it simply, as she believed, all just a matter of perception? She did not have the answers, nor would she find them this night. One thing was certain however, the moment she closed her eyes, everything would change. Don’t blink….or do…and hope like hell the winds of change blow in your favor.


Twistedsavant Impchic

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