ARDUIN: Chronicles of the Grey Company

A report on things Most Foul.

Research and disturbing discoveries.

With several days of research at both the wizards guild and the great library, Immi and Kalain find out several useful bits of information about what demon sly might be seeking. Kalain delivers the following briefing based on his notes.
“The last reported contact with the imprisoned demon was a mage by the name of Wilshander. He was part of a secret group sent to investigate the rumors of a demon trapped in a well. The party included two warriors, a cleric of an ancient god of law, and a rogue as well as Wilshander. The expedition disappeared. The only word ever heard of them again was from a fragment of manuscript bought from a trader.
The fragment read as follows….

" travelled far, far, to the south through barbarian lands. Unintelligible. through hills, halfway between two hamlets , was a tall bald hill, at its top was an apron of stone surrounding a well. After some discussion brother Wilshander was lowered into the well. I wish we had cast detect evil before we did so, for When we drew him back out he was Dead. He was raised and spoke of a deep well with a mass of mist in a huge room at its end.. seemingly contained by jewels as large as a mans head, embedded in the walls that shone upon the mist..all seemed well till night fell, then in camp brother Wilshander turned on us in a demonic rage, and it was only by the power of the great"

… fragment ends.
A brief foray into the books on gems show many can be used for holding spells and other powers differring based on the type of gem and the purpose.
Trying to find out about where they actually travelled to and from we determined wilshander’s tower is approximately 400 or so miles west of talismonde and now claimed by another wizard.
Further research in the library shows they would have had to cross water to get to the area they sought, and that led us to think it might be an island. In a moment of Ra granted inspiration Taldrin checked the reports from the paladin he had written and copied for the Emperor . The description of the bald hill bore a very, very remarkable resemblance to one seen on the island, seen from one of the teleport pads, the island of the black flame, during our adventure to Baltron’s Tower.

We also after some digging and further investigation, questioning someone who was on the council of mages at that time found out more information regarding the demon.
The demon supposedly trapped within is a Storm demon a greater Storm demon. referred to and Landru, not its true name but what it is called. it was known to always enlist a nerwork of agents and servants and always be searching for magical knowledge, items and Artifacts. Among its own kind it was renowned for its spellcasting abilities. Due to its extreme age it was rumored to be more intelligent and cruel than even is normal for its kind. They have four arms and can attack many times as well as elemental attacks and soul draining attacks.. "
That my friends is all I have for now..


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