ARDUIN: Chronicles of the Grey Company

Rage, Rage against the Falling of the Night

Balance, My Ass!

Nightfall the bringer of darkness. The sword of balance. What a load of drek. After battling with the blade for more than half a day i was finally allowed to sheath it. At least now i did not have to stalk the city worrying about being accosted by the gaurds.

It was clear to myself an ANYone with half a brain who knew me the blade was in control. Oh I was allowed to do in general as I wished but now it could take the reigns at any time. Such is the pattern of my life it seems, outside forces exerting direct control and turning me into a pawn. Leptor. The Fucking Pixie. Ra. At least The Last was Honest about its intentions and goals. This self delusional shitstick claimed it was some force for balance in the universe as if grandiose proclamations could cover its shortcomings and blindness. As if a weapon made by a mage to follow his personal ideals could change how the Gods wished the universe to turn. I am a slave to the blade. For now. Perhaps forever. We shall See just how omnipotent Nightfall really is. I would trade it for The last in a split second.

I distract myself from screaming at it in my head by maing plans for Sly. Ra would perhaps not approve of them but I have not heard his voice in what seems like ages. Alone and under duress I feel I am still good Can still DO good.. but ONE soul is beyond redemption, ONE deserves nothing but the taste of eternity tortured and screaming in the twenty-one Hells. And so I am driven to low life hangouts and pits of sin looking for a trace of the pixie using my charm and wit and occasionally Nightfall if needed trying to find someone who knows Sly someone who can tell me where he might be or where he will be…Because I intend to make SURE he gets his reward for his actions.


Twistedsavant Twistedsavant

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