The Pixie

Pixies are smaller than Halflings and often do not reach over three feet tall. They look akin to very tiny eladrin with small wings on their back. Pixies are small, usually only 2 1/2 feet tall and weigh about 30 pounds. They have pointy ears and small, translucent wings. Pixie adventurers are usually after one thing: fun. Danger to a pixie is exciting and they often intentionally make mistakes in combat to prolong the adrenaline. A pixie adventurer that isn’t out in a dungeon spends most of his time trying to be. Most pixie adventurers loath sitting at a bar doing nothing. Playing a pixie means having people judge you before getting to know you. Your wild kin are known throughout adventuring parties as tricky and malicious. Most adventurers will only party with you if they must and very few will ever trust you. This is not to say you don’t deserve trust but you will have to earn it far more than most. Many elves look down upon pixies as childish liars and look up to them as plotting masterminds.


Sly is that black sheep of the family and his home in the ancient sylvan glades – forest that have existed since the beginning of the world and remain untouched by civilization. He has been sent into the outside world to prove himself and return with the treasured items of his people to better protect their home and those who dwell within by becoming the chosen protector. He must retrieve the Stone of Fal, the Magic Sword of Nuada, the Slingshot of Lugh and the Cauldron of Dagda. Retrieving these lost items will prove to his people that he is worthy of leading the Fey army against all enemies of the Fey. He has set out upon this quest to gain the experience needed to become a true Fey leader.

The Reverie

Sly is also trying to gain a greater knowledge and ability to tap into The Reverie a trance-like state of meditation that allows the fey to reach directly into the plane of Faerie and absorb a portion of the living magical essence from their native home. When the Reverie ends, the energy remains within them until it is expended. Unlike the static harsh magic or wizards and sorcerers, however, this magic manifests in specific talents that are unique to the creature. This is how pixies have such a different magical abilities than nymphs, although they share the same source. Fey magic is drawn from the vibrant, chaotic energies of the plane of Faerie and is quite different from the sterile practiced affair of wizards and sorcerers. Fey do not worship any deity and most find the acts of the pious quite ridiculous but their magic is defined as divine in the same manner as the spells and abilities of druids and rangers, who use their connection with the natural, living world to create their magical effects.

Sylvan Glades

The fey made their home in these secluded settings, other creature also gathered, finding security and comfort in the presence of new allies and companions. Powerful enchantments were laid down to protect the forests from accidental discovery, invasion by outsiders and fire. The Sylvan glades also became home to numerous creatures both mundane and magical, who found the glades protected by the fey to offer some advantages over the rest of the forest. Examples of these Sylan creatures include centaurs, unicorns and treants.


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