Pendahr Willowpoint

Elven ranger quick to his feet, protector of the wood.


Pendahr Willowpoint

Class: Forester (Ranger) Level: 5 Hit Points: 61/6 XP: 39,500
Race:Elf Alignment:Neutral Good Armor: Studded Leather/Clothes
Thaco: 18 Mvt 120 AC: -3, HT: 5’10 WT: 165 Eye: Brown Hair: Brown Skin: Tan
Age: Young Adult Religion:Artemis Clan:Willowpoints
Main Weapon: Composite Longbow
Stat Bonuses: Hit 10m/2me Dmg 2me
Strength 18 +1 to hit +2 dmg WA: 110/Max: 255/OD: 11 BB/LG: 16%
Wisdom 16 Spell Bonuses: Magical Def Adj: +2
Intelligence 12 3 languages Common, Elven, Halfling
Dexterity 21 Reaction Adj: +4 Missile Attack:
4 Def Adj: -5
Constitution 18 +5 svs HP: +4 System Shock: 99% Ressurrection: 100%
Charisma 9
Comeliness 16
Ego 16
Special Abilities: 1 extra attack per round, Leap 20 feet in any direction, 25% magic resistance, Natural ac of 4
Hide in Shadows 45%
Tracking/Trailing 33%
Move Silently 45%
Sense Surprise 26%
+1 vs sleep and charm, Dark Vision 60ft, +1 Dex (Race) (Forester)
Immune to natural diseases
Heirloom:Pendant Name: Shaer de Luhme
Allows Bless once a day to a member of the Willowpoint Clan

Special Note: (Forster)
Upon Death/burial forester remains turns into a full size tree after one year of characters choosing upon becoming a Forester. (Willow Tree)
Woodsman abilities:
3 to hit (with bow)
+2 to hide in forest
+2 Dex Forester
+1 Str and Con
+30% Tracking/Trailing and then +3% per lvl
+5% sense ambush or surprise Forester (cont)
Travel one third further each day on foot than other races and twice as long with a long rest Forester
Entering virgin lands or forest can heal Con
Lvl in a 25hr day.
Healing is retroactive upon returning from urban areas back to forest.

SV Throws PPDM 13 RSW 15 PP 14 / BW16 Spells 16

#Att Dmg
Specializations Longbow, Short Sword 1 att, +2 dmg
3/w bow Sheaf arrow D8, Range: 50/100/170, Point Blank +2 to hit range 6-30ft
Prepared, Notched, Arrow Target In Sight can be fired before beginning of round
1 race ) Short sword D6/D8
Dagger d4/d3

Longbow Sp Backpack, Belt,Chalk, Short Sword Sp,
(Candles 2), Boots (hard), Signal Whistle
Dagger, (flint/steel), Cloak w/hood
Studded Leather, (rope 50ft), Quiver
Rations 1wk (dry), (grappling hook), 4 Dozen Sheaf Arrows
Horse: Riding, non armored
Waterskin, (bed roll), Gloves

Longbow Hunting
Short Sword
Horseback Riding


Pendahr grew up in an elven village not far from a local human kings castle.
Pendahr’s family, Clan Willowpoints, live in the human kings forest, sworn to protect the king in return for paying a hereditary debt from a past good deed of the current human kings older generation, saving the clan Willowpoint from a marauding ogre raid.

Upon fufilling the ten year service all male Willowpoints are required when coming of age, Pendahr continues to stay in contact with the ranger squad enlisted by the king, however is now free to roam the lands for adventure and glory, while keeping a keen eye upon the kings lands.

Pendahr Willowpoint

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