Sir Jeffrey Godspeed, Knight of the Realm

Halfling-raised Phraint Paladin of the Children of the Sun


Raised from an egg by a Halfling orphanage of the Children of the Sun in Talismond, Jeffrey has sometimes peculiar mannerisms for a Phraint. As such, he doesn’t carry himself like other Phraints, but in some ways, more like Halflings in terms of swagger. Jeffrey is a white (formerly silver) Phraint who doesn’t adorn his chitin, tending to present himself in a more humble manner. His current color of white is the result of evil magics used against him. Jeffrey is not concerned with the new color, as white is fitting for a righteous, good Phraint. Adding to his unique appearance, Jeffrey has an artifact (the Eye of Ishmael) that has replaced one of this two multifaceted eyes. Typically, Jeffrey wears an eye patch to cover this eye, as this replacement eye looks into another dimension and can be distracting. Regardless of what is worn, all of his clothing is adorned with stylized suns in homage to his religion. His nine foot frame, however, tends to undermine his desire to be accepted by other races.


Jeffrey is 22 years old, and just recently left the orphanage to strike out on his own. He hasn’t had any contact with other Phraints at all, and while he is a dear friend to all “little people”, he doesn’t truly understand them and the other more emotional races. Much of his life until his adventuring career was spent learning (as the other orphans did) the religion of the Children of the Sun. While growing up, he often protected the other orphans from bullies, and created lasting friendships with them. However, his faster growth rate means that the adolescent Halflings in the orphanage are still adolescents. However, given Jeffrey’s background, he’ll always provide help to “little people”, constrained by his Lawful Good alignment.

Jeffrey knows that his egg was on a “stick”, but all the rest of the eggs were destroyed. The priestess that runs the orphanage realized that the egg was a Phraint, but knew nothing about Phraints in general… thus, she knew to protect the egg as sentient life, but nothing else. So, the priestess that Jeffrey calls “mom” did her best, particularly with Jeffrey’s very logical, emotionless approach to all things in life.

While most Phraints can be described as “Spock” like, Jeffrey is much more “Data” like, fascinated by, but confused by, the emotions and customs of other races. He looks to those he trusts as examples for his own behavior, but that attempt usually fails given his imposing stature.

Sir Jeffrey Godspeed, Knight of the Realm

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