Immianthe Falamin


A light skinned, green eyed, silver haired, female elf. She appears to be in her late teens or earlier twenties, but who can tell with an elf?? Small of stature, barely reaching 5’2” and weighing 105 lbs. Despite her slight form she’s solid muscle, not an ounce of fat on this girl. Typically dressed in leathers, and never (well almost) without a silver locket that hanging about her neck.


Immi’s background is unknown. She remembers nothing prior to waking up under a burning wagon some 3 years ago. A group of adventurers, a mage, a cleric, a fighter and a thief, found her near the burnt caravan and allowed her to come with them. Each one taught her what they could of their varied ways and they’ve spent the past few years adventuring together. She’s currently being held captive by slavers, her friends slaughtered in the fight.

Immianthe Falamin

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